Before Our Lady on September 7, 1989, the cornerstone of the new Croatian Catholic Center dedicated to the Mother of God the Queen of Croats in Hobart was blessed.

Hobart is quite in the south of Tasmania, a large island south of Australia, to the south there is no more city than just the sea all the way to icy Antarctica. Thus the Mother of God with the title Queen of the Croats has her southernmost throne on the globe.

The Hobart community is small. In the vast area of ​​the whole island of Tasmania, the priest knows about 400 of our families, mostly post-war emigrants (World War II). Of that number, 30, and sometimes 40, come regularly to Sv. Mass, the others must have been indifferent. In any case, with those who come regularly and are truly generous to the church sacrificing a new church could not be built, but with the great help of other Catholic centers across Australia from Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and others, the church was built. Our friends from Melbourne did not give up on this construction and with their perseverance and sacrifice said that the Queen of the Croats must get her throne with the church and the center.

In 1965, the Croatian priest Mato Stetic began to gather Croatian believers on this island, followed by Duro Globan. After years, there was no permanent Croatian priest here, but they came from time to time from Melbourne or Sydney. From 1975 to 1980, the priest Tvrtko Tadic worked here, and only in 1986 came Berislav Hunski. All these years our people have been gathering in an Australian church and the priest has been living with an Australian pastor, the fate of the tenants. When it became obvious that this could not continue, there were some Croats who wanted to prevent the construction of their own Croatian church center. But with the great courage of our priest Berislav, the Hun center began to be built despite the dissatisfaction of a few who still speak against the church.

Today, the Croatian Catholic Center is almost completely finished, and on the land of the center there is our cemetery where it is possible to bury any of our believers if they wish. The church board takes care of all payments for the center, takes care of lunches that are prepared for the evenings of the holidays after St. Mass and everything else that is necessary for the Christian community, and of course all with the help of our priest who is responsible for all this we have with a lot of his work and sweat to make it all look so beautiful today.

That is why we ask the blessing of a good God for all our Croatian children, parents, the elderly, friends and enemies for a strong faith, hope and unity of the entire Croatian community.


Mass schedule

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HKC Hobart

17 George Street


Tel.: +61 (0) 3 6263 7015

Priest: vlč. Berislav Hunski