The Lord said to Abram, “Go from your own country, from your homeland and from your father’s house, to the lands that I will show you.”

After II. During World War II, the number of Croatian emigrants in various parts of the world began to grow again. The need for the presence and spiritual action of the sisters on Australian soil, in a land of great promise, a better material life, was thus demonstrated. The Church in Croatia, as a mother, is increasingly investing efforts and advocacy for the spiritual care of Croatian migrants.

The religious communities, however, did not shy away from the problem of such a delicate task. And that is why the Sisters Adorers of the Blood of Christ responded to the call of the competent church authorities by going into the unknown, carrying in themselves and with them the love of the “dear neighbor.” They were carried by a firm faith and hope in the Blood of Christ, which was their only guarantor and support in those challenging times, and it is the same today.

On December 13, 1963, the sisters arrived in the Promised Land, in Melbourne, Victoria. Four spiritual forces arrive in the suburbs of Clifton Hill. They were greeted with enthusiasm, where they were greeted at the airfield by well-meaning people, thirsty for God and His consolation. The sisters face a variety of problems very quickly, but they all carry them equally through the storm of temptation of the forces of the Blood of Christ and their firm communion. Very soon they found themselves in the Lord’s field, where they needed to plow well in all aspects of human need: comforting, encouraging, all those who addressed them, and there were many of them. Wounded at heart, and lonely, they always turned to the sisters, in whom they encountered sisters and mothers. They give in to all sides and help as much as they can and know. It is a time of socio-educational direction.

They soon realized that their apostolic work was to find those who had strayed from God and their religious community, working diligently to keep in the community those who remained faithful to God and to their Croatian identity. Sisters in conversations, and mediation in various offices to find jobs, and family visits, observation and discovery, as well as in removing all obstacles they encounter, such as various and serious disagreements in families and in the community, sisters achieve a conciliatory dimension of ASC charisma under the Southern Cross.

At that time, the life and apostolic activity of the sisters was intertwined with many problems and they were often marginalized in their apostolic activity, so they went to other places where Providence sent them and paved the way. Thus, the spirit of conciliatory activity in saving individuals and families spread slowly and slowly. They shake off the dust from their shoes in Victoria and embark on new spiritual challenges in Canberra, on November 27, 1971, in the archbishop’s court, dedicating their gifts and talents to both evicted Croats and slowly joining the structures of the local Church. There the sisters were really appreciated and their work was gratefully appreciated, unfortunately leaving the place on May 8, 1987 and at the end of the same year, on December 22nd. they opened a community in Adelaide, South Australia where they accepted the parish apostolate. Even today, the sisters work in that city helping, comforting and praying for the believers of that community of Croats, which is somewhat disappearing from the scene of this world, while the younger generations assimilated into the local Church, so the sisters there today are really a “crying shoulder” and the only support for the elderly population with the knowledge that it has not been left and forgotten as far as the sisters are concerned.

Due to the impossibility of apostolic action, the last group of sisters permanently left Melbourne on December 16, 1977. Therefore, the sisters redirected their spiritual activities to a completely different environment, when they settled in one of Australia’s largest cities, Sydney NSW. Here they are very quickly and efficiently involved in all occasions and models of spiritual engagement and still act today, as social workers not in the true sense of the word, teachers in Croatian ethnic schools, religious education for first communicants and Chrismians, form a charismatic group, Women’s Prayer Group , a praying woman of the Blood of Christ who every Wednesday fills the accumulators of her soul and heart exclusively with devotion to the Blood of Christ, have spiritual conversations with those who ask for it and many have passed the Hagiotherapy program over the years which is one of the successful models of psychosocial treatment. Sisters are also involved in activities of a spiritual nature when the need arises and interested groups of women ask for it, the sister is always happy to respond, and she is a great spiritual support and assurance that they are on the right path. Every action, of any sister from the community, is inevitably imbued with the spirit of the charism of Mary De Mattias, and that is the introduction of those interested and immersion in the mystery of our redemption, in the power and strength of the Blood of Christ in their lives. It is the blood of Christ, that power and lever which, although a little older, makes us all know the “Love of the Crucified Jesus” and to love him as much as possible, working to become and be messengers of this pledge of our spiritual strength, and that is the Blood of the Lamb. on the cross for all of us shed.

The two sisters work in the Home of Cardinal Stepinac as spiritual support to all beneficiaries who spend their last days of life in preparation for going to another world, a better world, knowing the power and strength of the Blood of Christ in days of hardship, leading to a better future. that is, to life with the Crucified and Risen Christ in the Kingdom of Him and of our Father.

G L O R Y    T O   THE    B L O O D   OF   J E S U S CHRIST!

Adelaide Activities:

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