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Croatian Catholic missions around the world were created as an expression of the Church’s spiritual care for its emigrated members – the faithful. In time, these centers will become the bearers not only of the spiritual life of the emigrated Croats, but also of the cultural and social life. The role of Catholic missions and centers around the world in the Croatian people makes it a particularly important fact that we are one of the most displaced peoples in the world.

The motives for leaving the Croatian homelands of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are quite different. These departures did not have the character of natural migratory movements, but mostly foreshadowed escapes from economic, social and political misfortunes to the few who had the character of a research restless spirit such as Marco Polo from Korčula. They mostly happened without greetings and kisses of loved ones, without blessings and farewells.

Today’s critical reflections on the role of Croatian Catholic missions suggest a great role that these centers and many great people have played and still play in preserving a healthy spirit in their emigrated people. Various events: cultural, humanitarian, religious, etc. have constantly shown that as a Catholic nation we have a healthy democratic and cultural tradition, that as a relatively small nation we have made a great contribution to the spirituality, culture and science of mankind. Emigrated Croats in missions around the world, through their cultural activities, cultural societies and communities, as well as the personal testimony of individuals, persistently managed to deny unfavorable information in orchestrated written encyclopedias and regime propaganda unfavorable to Croats.

Church in Croatia !!

The Church of the Croats is proving to be a faithful companion of its people in distant Australia, which is also inhabited by Croats who fled from their homelands of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. So that today there are 14 Croatian Catholic Centers and two monasteries of nuns in Australia. You can find about history, work, everyday events and much more on this website by selecting an individual center.

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